Lightest Carry-Ons Available

I fly a lot.  Between conferences, shows, mastermind group meetings and vacations, I get on and off of an airplane about 48 times a year.

I was a bit staggered when I realized that.  That’s more than I call my mom (gulp).

Well, I have a leather carry on that I’ve had for years.  It’s beautiful. It is nice and broken in. But it’s heavy and doesn’t fit everything I need when I am trying desperately to avoid checking a bag.   Plus (or  I should say minus) – It has no wheels.

Going away for three days with just a carry-on is a skill that is learned from experience.  It’s also an art.  And every artist needs the right tools. I’ve decided that I better keep my leather bag for overnight trips and get a proper carry-on.

People are funny about luggage. They expect it to last forever. Decent luggage is not that expensive, but I see people with the most embarrassing, beat-up, filthy suitcases. You’ve seen the bags – 30 years old, wound up with Saran wrap or duct tape just to keep the contents inside.  C’mon!  If you can afford to travel, you can afford some new luggage.

I don’t need my carry-on to last forever.  If I have to buy one every five years, it OK.   I need it to be decent quality, the maximum size allowed and lightweight.

Here are the lightest carry-on bags that I found on Amazon that can be brought onto any airplane.





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